GALLERIES - Updated Guidelines 2016

A more updated, clearer and better explanation of the Galleries and how to properly edit and design them.


Galleries are linked through sub pages. Which means each character page has a sub page for their gallery. Sub pages are easily created by clicking Add a page and adding /Gallery to the end of the selected page's name. For example, Sage Bond/Gallery, Brooklyn Hayes/Gallery. These are both the proper way to link and create gallery pages.


The layout for gallery pages may look a little odd at first, but I promise you it's not that weird! Looking at a gallery page, you will see three sections that are sectioned off by titles. "Season 1" "Season 2" and "Character". The first two sections are for promotional or trailer images, that don't exactly come from an episode itself and more than the opening sequence or a trailer posted beforehand on SophieGTV's channel. The third section is for screenshots and images from the episode itself. 

Fan art

Fan art, although greatly appreciated to be shared and discussed throughout the forum boards or talk pages, is not allowed inside galleries. Galleries are meant to be a pictorial database for a character and fan art really doesn't belong in that environment. You are free to share your fan art in comments, user pages or forums if you want to show what you've done.

Clearness of images

If an image or screenshot of a character is not clear, it shouldn't be uploaded into the gallery. You must be able to see the character which the gallery is of.


Please do not upload the same image or screenshot into a gallery if it is already there. A few frames difference isn't very helpful to the gallery as we want them to be as varied as possible! Check the gallery before uploading your image!

Although these rules are loose and not much, they can be changed at any time. No immediate action will come to those who break these rules, as they are, again, quite loose. Just please make sure you keep the galleries neat and tidy!