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    I'm so excited! I won't be able to watch it the moment it comes out but I can guarentee you I will be jumping and squealing and spinning in my chair. 

    Also, now I'll get to see if any of the predictions I made are correct.

    Have a good day! 


    Aka the Genny and Brigitte squeal)

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  • Cicilps


    December 13, 2018 by Cicilps

    Hey Everyone! Im going to be talking about SophieGTV, the wonderful girl who gave us the amzing series LPS Popular.

    Sophie started her channel in 2008, when she was 14 years old. Sophie was born Canada, she now has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. She started making the videos as a way to entertain her little brother. "LPS: Popular" has become the most viewed series in the Littlest Pet Shop niche of YouTube. I have taken so much inspiration from her videos, my favorite videos that she has made are LPS Popular (Duh) and Crime Solving Idiots. if you look, you will see a video which contains sophies face, (The spiderman one i put on this blog) shes so pretty!! she also seems like a lovely funny girl.  anyway back to what i was saying. its …

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  • PopularCat246

    Angelina Davis. Genuine, kind and sensible, "Lina" has made her way onto the favorite list of many LPS: Popular fans. She was the first to talk to Savannah Reed at Orange County Day, and has helped her a lot from makeovers to just being there for her.

    In the past few episodes, however, she started getting into disagreements with her best friend Genevive Ryan about Nathan. Since their most recent argument, Angelina has since disapeared from the scene... and... SophieGTV's photos?

    Sophie GTV posted a photo on her Instagram and Twitter about the new set for LPS: Popular. It showed all of the lead female clique members (Savvy, Brooke, Genny, Rachel, Alicia) except Lina. They were replaced (in the photo) by the cat known as Unknown Girl 2.

    Where d…

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  • PopularCat246

    Hi everyone! Today's blog post is going to be about the LPS: Popular intros! Personally, I love them. They are well put together, perfectly timed, not to mention I love the songs. So, without further ado, is my reaction to the intros!

    First of all, I love the song. It is very catchy and very fitting because of the name of the series (BTW, the ]song is Popular by the Veronicas). 

    Second, notice the end picture. What are those two LPS standing next to Savy? Genny? Lina? Where are you? For some reason SophieGTV changed their makeovers... to be honest, I'm confused. The quality of the picture is pretty good, though.

    Poor Sav! At 0:27 she gets hit in the face by the dog on the scooter! That must have hurt! Now that I think about it... when he hit …

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  • PopularCat246

    Hi guys! This is my prediction of the Season Two Finale 2/2! I am really exited to share this with you! I hope you won't be too sad, but this might be the last prediction I make until Season Three comes around. I will still vlog, though! Also, I will be giving titles to the episodes, just for fun.

    All credit for the series, characters and previous scenarios goes to SophieGTV.

    We start in the hallway, where Brooke has found Brigitte with pictures of her ex-boyfriend making out with her worst enemy: Savannah Reed. She is breathing hard.

    Brigitte: Brooke, it is not what it looks like.

    Brooke looks up at Brigitte.

    Brooke: You.

    Brigitte: Moi?

    Brooke: You! I trusted you!

    Brigitte: Brooke! Please! Let me explain -

    Brooke: There is nothing to explain, you …

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  • PopularCat246
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  • PopularCat246

    Hi guys! this is Part One of my prediction of the Season two finale! I am exited to share this with you all!

    All credit for the series, characters, and previous scenarios goes to SophieGTV.

    We start with Savvy and Genny walking into the cafe and sitting down at their table. Savvy looks at the Barbie Dolls' table and sees three girls.

    Savvy: Hey, Genny?

    Genny: Yeah?

    Savvy: Where's Lina? I haven't talked to her in a while.

    Genny: Hmph. Not like she's even worth talking to the little -

    Savvy stares at Genny and Genny looks down at her paws.

    Genny: Sorry. I haven't gotten over the argument. But I don't know where she is. We haven't talked either.

    Savvy: Oh...

    There is a short moment of silence. Larry Wolf then comes over to the table.

    Larry: Hey, Li . . …

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  • PopularCat246

    Hi everyone! This is an essay-like blog that will explain my reasoning for why Brooklyn Hayes is not the antagonist of LPS: Popular. I know that there is an abundant number of Savannah Reed fans that might scoff at this, and that is fine, but please look at the situation my way. If you have a comment or question I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

    SPOILER ALERT! There are many references to episodes in the series some of you might not have seen. Try to watch the whole series before reading this.

    Thank you!

    The rivalry between ex-BFFLs Savannah Reed and Brooklyn Hayes is the very thing that LPS: Popular revolves araound. These adversaries fight for everything from the affection and loyalty of Sage Bond (OCD's hottest football playe…

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  • PopularCat246

    Hi guys! I am PopularCat246! 

    I want to say I'm sorry this isn't a prediction, but I am going to share something kind of awesome and sad with you guys.

    SophieGTV, on Twitter and Instagram, shared a picture on January 20 about LPS: Popular having a new set. Here is the

    My first reaction is: OMG (or OMD lol)! I'm shocked and suprised. Then I look at the lockers. They are very tall compared to the LPS and have real locks. They are very small, and fro the hinges I see the lockers can open. The dorrs are pink and the outlines are blue. I also see the LPS standing in front of it.

    So... yeah! New set for LPS: Popular!

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  • PopularCat246

    We come in to Brook's room and see that she no longer has a neck brace; only a cast. As she puts on a pink collar, she laughs.

    Brook: Oh, Lulu. I'm sorry I won't be home today. 

    Brook walks to her bed and looks at her phone.

    Brook: I have to do my own dirty work today. 

    Lulu: Mrrow!

    Gigi, who is by the bed, starts to growl. The camera goes into the eyesight of Gigi and we see Brook stroking Lulu. Eventually, Gigi charges at Lulu and the scared cricket jumps onto the bed, yowling and hissing. Brook looks scared for a moment, and we see flashbacks of Savvy and Brook's fight. She starts to yell at Gigi.

    Brook: Gigi! You stupid cricket! Bad girl!

    Gigi runs into a corner and starts to whine.

    Brook: Hm. Bye, Lulu!

    Lulu: Mrrow?

    Lulu paws to Brook and she g…

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  • PopularCat246

    I just want to add that is is for entertainment only... or just for reading when you are bored. All credit for the series, characters, and previous scenarios goes to SophieGTV.

    We come into the scene and see that Savvy is resting in bed. Her alarm clock begins to go off and Savvy wakes up and rolls out of bed. She goes to the mirror and sees that, although she looks terrible, doesn't look sick (with the flu). She continues to examine herself in the mirror as she says:

    Savvy: I'm not sick anymore. But... I can't go to school. I... they'll...

    Savvy walks away from the mirror and walks to her bed again and talks to herself.

    Savvy: I can't imagine what they will say about me.

    She reaches for a cute pink bow, then pulls back shaking her head (but in…

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  • AmazingPurry

    Sophie has been posting alot of really lovely photos on her Instagram (@sophiegtv ) recently, but on her most recent post she said she was working on another project outside of youtube. What do y'all think it is?! I'm excited to find out!

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  • CorgiLover23

    I'm new to this wiki. It cool here.

    Yeah, idk what else to say really. I basically only made this post to get that badge XD (jk jk)

    Oh yeah and my favorite characters are Brigitte, Tom, and Lina :3

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  • LittleJackk

    brooke x tom

    March 4, 2017 by LittleJackk
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  • Kitty Watermelon

    I'm just advertising a wiki that was made a long time ago for fan LPS Popular characters!

    Feel free to make your own characters!

    --こんにちは 私の名前は 肌寒い 21:31, July 11, 2016 (UTC)

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Okay, as a new user, I will make blogs every week! Now to the topic. I have seen many videos casting different celebrities for LPS: Popular, so I was inspired by this. Now, here's how this works...

    Each day, a new role will open. You have 24 hours (one day) to nominate one user for that open character role. I will only do Savvy, Brooke, Sage, Tom, Genny, Lina, Rachel, and Alicia. No Bridgitte. Sorry! :(

    Okay, now to start!

    You may now nominate:

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  • PopularGirl300

    PLZ READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, so there is this poll. Vote there it's amazing and I want to persuade you to vote for Brooke for BEST CAT! She is amazing the best character because she is full of surprises and very interesting. Every episode you find out something new about her. Yes, Angelina is a goodie goodie and all popular and beautiful but, Brooke is beautifully flawless, interesting, and AMAZING!

                                      Always Team Brooke.

                                                  --- PopularGirl300


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  • PopularGirl300

    My Opinion

    November 28, 2015 by PopularGirl300

    Brooke is the real victom of Savannah because Savannah damaged her emotionally and physically. You don't just do that to someone. LOL Team Brooke as Always!

                                                         --- PopularGirl300

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  • PopularGirl300

    Brooke's Intentions

    November 28, 2015 by PopularGirl300

    Okay I just want to start by saying Brooke is AMAZING!!!!

    Brooke is a victom of Savannah's, getting emotionally and physically damaged by her. The reason Brooke attacks Savannah is because she is getting in the way of things Brooke loves, her cricket, and her boyfriend. Wouldn't you act out if someone was getting between you and your loved one? Ya, ya, Savannah gets stitches because of Brooke but, Brooke had to go to the hospital and get a cast for her leg and neck, also for her severe head trauma and broken nose. Savannah is the only one that caused pain that could actually effect Brooke's life, socially and physically. Brooke was happy but, because of Savannah's selfish intentions, Brooke's life is awful. She is trying to get up again, an…

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  • PopularGirl300


    November 28, 2015 by PopularGirl300
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  • AmazingPurry

    EPISODE 28

    All images from SophieGTV's Instagram

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  • Justmeandmykittens


    September 7, 2015 by Justmeandmykittens

    Savannah's one nickname (Savvy) really annoys me. Sav is fine, but it makes Savannah look like a computer geek. Just bugs me. -The all and wonderful--Justmeandmykittens (talk) 16:11, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

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  • LPSnikka

    Old vs. New

    October 6, 2014 by LPSnikka

    New Savvy:

    1. Some pepole call her a guy
    2. She is now Dagshund

    3. Nice colour of body

    4. Sage didn't cared for Sav until she had make-up

    5. She didn't listen to her mum in 25 and 26 ep

    Old Savvy:

    1. She had coolest glasses on world!

    2. She was a bite nicer :/

    3. Before make-up she was a beagle (A bite creepy she changed her breed)

    4. She had dark colour of body (Dark brown and a little black)

    I think that she was better before, comment what you think!

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  • Rachel Rivera


    September 7, 2014 by Rachel Rivera

    What's your favorite OCD Fashion? Vote now!

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  • Genevieve Ryan

    The Big Fight

    July 13, 2014 by Genevieve Ryan

    Brooke and Savannah have got in a big fight! Brooke went to hospital and Savannah was suspended from OCD.

    Anyways, Brooke is such a female dog! I mean, all Savvy wanted was to be her BFFL again. And then she makes her cry! Ugh... I hate Brooke.

    I actually kinda feel sorry for her, but I do miss Savvy. 

    See you soon, and make sure to watch Episode 24 and Episode 25!


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  • AmazingPurry

          Hello everyone, Today I am going to review episode 25 of Lps Popular, Rock Bottom. 

    Spoilers ahead, If you havn't seen the latest episode of LPS Popular, I suggest you click away NOW and go watch it.

    ALSO, THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. Please dont argue with me and say im wrong. Thank you.

    Anyways! :)

    I thought this episode was AMAZING. It was probs the best episode iv seen since 'It All Comes Crashing Down' It tops my favorites right here! c:

    Gigi was finally returned to her mummy, and about time aswel. 

    I feel so bad for Brooke in this episode. She is finally getting her life back together, however.  She is taking away Savannahs Life.

    The only question is who was taking the pictures. Sage? Savannah? and what will be Brigittes next move?!?

    10/10 f…

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  • AmazingPurry

    As most of you may know, Sophie, 14/05/14, announced she was 'Back Home' and she was working on Episode 25 of LPS Popular. She showed a sneak peek on some new props and Brooke. She said she was busy working on it. And It'll be out as soon as possible.

    For now, take care!

    - Purry

    (Read the full facebook post Here)

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  • AmazingPurry

    Did You Know!

    March 23, 2014 by AmazingPurry

    Did you know if you say (Brook) (Brooke) (Savannah) or (Savvy)  in the chat Savannah and Brooke with appear! Try it out!

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  • AmazingPurry

    This is Odd...

    February 24, 2014 by AmazingPurry

    Ok, so I was watching the mid season opening sequence, which, by the way you can watch HERE It is very well made and animated, so I reccommend it SO much! Brigitte is obviously going to cause some trouble because she is in the opening sequence so watch out!

    ANYWAYS, onto the SUBJECTS

    I noticed something in the trailer (watch it before this if you like~) and I seen this (picture A)

    Ok, so, If you can't see it. This is Brooklyn and Sage. Kissing.

    I NEVER seen this in the show. If you would care to prove me wrong by linking me to the episode this happens in. Feel free. But I have a feeling they get back together, because I do not reconize this scene. Anyways,

    Feel free to leave your thought!

    A Zombie Ate Perry's Signature ☺₯ (talk) 19:08, February …

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  • LPSnikka

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  • LoveKiss

    SophieGTV's Fan Blog

    January 6, 2014 by LoveKiss

    Hi LPSUsers & WikiaUsers, It's me PetLoverGirl and I decided to make this fan blog about SophieGTV

    Sophie hasn't posted any YouTube video yet but don't rush her, you can entertain yourself by watching other videos.

    LPSPopularFandom Wiki: There's a new wiki, make characters right now!

    I don't have a lot to write right now but I hope you like the first part of the blog, the second one comes soon...

    Don't steal my ideas and don't copy my blog

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  • AmazingPurry

    So for a while now Nathan Campbell has been on the front page, classed as a main character. But right now. We have not seen him for a few episodes.

    I'd like your opinion on removing him from the template

    But we will have to get Soilet's approval o.o

    Thanks ♥

    A Zombie Ate Perry's Signature ☺₯ (talk) 16:36, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

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  • LoveKiss

    Hi, it's me Cecy and I want to put Savvy and Brooke's bad things:

    • She's mean to everyone
    • She's violent
    • She doesn't control herself
    • She cheats on some boys

    • She stole everything from Brooke
    • She's starting to think she's popular
    • She makes Brooke suffer
    • She doesn't care about Brooke because Brooke is mean to her only because of her mother's divorce.

    I still like them, althought they did bad things. Please give me your opinions down below


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  • LoveKiss

    LPS: Popular Fandom Wiki

    December 10, 2013 by LoveKiss

     wiki where you can bring your imagination to create anything! …That's LPS: Popular related of course… We welcome you to share your ideas. Come on! Don't be shy. If you need help with something on the wiki, just contact one of the admins (PerryCookie, and Cuit). Hey! Why don't you press that Create button? If you have a idea, Please don't hesitate to create. What are you waiting for? Lets get started...

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  • Soleil et Lune

    One Year Anniversary!

    November 10, 2013 by Soleil et Lune

    Sooooo I've been editing here for a year. Seems kinda strange, time went by so fast! I'm really excited, I don't know what to say! Thank you all for making this wiki great, it's come so far in a year!


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  • Soleil et Lune

    Hello everyone,

    After some consideration and looking into it, I've decided that it would be a good idea for the Popular Wiki to have a french sub-wiki. As far as I am aware, Chilly has began a project where we put out French versions of the most popular wiki pages, and I think it's a great idea - so great, in fact, that I think we should have an entire French version of the wiki. Of course, I won't do this unless everyone agrees to it, so that's why I'm writing this blog post. Here I will answer any questions you may have about LPS: Popular Wiki France (its working title); and I welcome all opinions or remaining queries to be left in the comments section!

    LPS: Popular Wiki France is exactly what the name states: a French version of the LPS: …

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  • Addielpsgurl

    Sophie Fan's Ideas

    November 3, 2013 by Addielpsgurl

    In episode 23's comments on Youtube, a youtube member suggests that Brooke would lose her memory and become friends with Savvy again. That doesn't happen in epsode 24, BUT  Brooke pretends to lose her memory. So if you have great ideas, post them on Brooke's videos and she MIGHT include it!!!

    Signing off,

    Addielpsgurl (talk) 15:21, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Gleegirl4u


    October 27, 2013 by Gleegirl4u

    Hai :3 so i have done my user page up so it would mean alot if you guys could check it out :) it explains A LOT and i hope you guys can get to know me better

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  • Gleegirl4u

    Top Dog and Cat

    October 25, 2013 by Gleegirl4u

    Hai :3 So another kind of do yalls agree or disagree type things, but WELCOME TO THE POPULAR PET AWARDS.

    Top Dog - I personally think it should be Rachel even if she is back with Brooke she stood up to her

    Top Cat- Lina, like DUH

    Best Villan- Brooklyn Hayes

    Most Hated- Ms Hayes

    Most Foolish- Savannah, she falls for everything

    SO put in the comments, who is YOUR winners, and add your own awards

    See you soon

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  • SapphireSnapshots

    Hey. ;)

    October 23, 2013 by SapphireSnapshots

    Hey to whoever takes the time to read this, and thanks. I appreciate it :).    

    I personally like brooke better than Savannah, but that doesn't mean I can't respect others opinions! 

    More soon!


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  • Kitty Watermelon

    If would have to choose between Team Brooke or Savannah, I would choose Team Brooke.

    The reasoning behind this is because... Well, I don't like EITHER. They are both ridiculous. But, Brooke is better than Savvy because Brooke has the psychological problems to be mad at Savvy. Her home life is horrible, so It makes sense for me to like Brooke better than Savvy...

    But Savvy...

    Has a great home life. She has a Mom and Dad that care about her *cough Brooke's mom cough* and she has NO REASON to be attacking Brooke.

    I'm ChillyCookie5, and I believe that Brooke is better than Savvy.

    I will add more opinions/rants to here soon.

    ChillyCookie5 (talk) 00:31, October 21, 2013 (UTC)

    EDIT: Another reason that Brooke is better that I feel bad for her when her d…

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  • Gleegirl4u


    October 8, 2013 by Gleegirl4u

    School is just......i can't

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  • Tom Dawson Lover

    This the page for everyone who supports Tom! Or as some fans call it everyone who is on Team Tom! Comment if you want to join and I will add you!!!

    • Tom Dawson Lover
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  • AmazingPurry






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  • AmazingPurry


    August 14, 2013 by AmazingPurry

    Please. Do not go and Vandalis ANY page on this wiki. 

    I seriously do not think any page deserves to be vadalised. You are ruining peoples hard work at editing the page.

    Recently our pages Savannah Reed and Serafina Claws where edited. Savannah's profile box was taken away and Serafina Claws was completly vandalised. Ladies. Gentlemen. I know that Serafina does not belong in this wiki as she is not a character. But. You do not just go and destroy the page.

    I luckily was able to revert the edits. I have sent the Vandalist a warning. 

    Anyone else who thinks they can vandal. Thing again.

    Thank you

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  • AmazingPurry

    Tom and Savvy = Som, Sam, Tovvy

    Tom and Brooke = Trooke, Bom, Tob

    Savvy and Sage = Sagy, Savvy

    Brooke and Sage = Broage, Sake, Bage, Srooke.

    Sage and Brigitte = Srigitte, Bage, Sagitte, Briage

    ) :) :)

    - Perry.x 

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  • Brooklyn Hayes

    Ii love Malcolm!!

    August 10, 2013 by Brooklyn Hayes

    He is perfect! :)

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  • AmazingPurry


    August 10, 2013 by AmazingPurry

    The owner of this wiki. Lune. Has gone on holiday for 2 weeks.

    I thought It was appropriate to say

    TB4L x 


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  • AmazingPurry

    Episode 23 Rumors

    August 10, 2013 by AmazingPurry

    OK, Thi is really get under my fur so I wanted to get this out.

    A few days ago someone called 'John Jackson' On youtube, pretending to be Sophie's brother, Announced that ep. 23 will be up TODAY (Saturday the 10th August)

    So. With that everyone went nuts. The top comment read that it would be up today.

    I have been protesting all evening about it. Nobody takes any notice whats infront of their own eyes. 

    If SophieGTV said it, Then this rant is out the window. But. Until I get proof that Sophie DID say t would be up today. Then I am standing down to the rumors.

    TB4L x

    - Perry.x

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  • AmazingPurry


    August 9, 2013 by AmazingPurry


    Team Brooke 4 Life x

    Most people hate Brooke. I love her

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