Brooke-Malcolm Relationship
General Information
Pairing Malcolm and Brooklyn Hayes
Nickname(s) N/A
Intimacy Level Boyfriend and girlfriend
Started What's Done is Done
Ended N/A
Status Couple
Brooke-Malcolm Relationship is a relationship.


It is unknown how Brook and Malcolm met, and not much is known about this husky. However, Brook and Malcolm are currently in a relationship and (in public) are inseparable.

Malcolm's Side

Malcolm seems happy to be with Brook, and is fine with being bragged about. But what he doesn't like is how Brook only kisses him in public. It seems that he is also trying to get Brook a modeling job.

Brook's Side

Brook brags about Malcolm a lot to the other students. She says they are together because he's getting her a modeling job, but maybe there's another reason we don't know about yet.