Brooke-Sage Relationship
Brooke Episode
General Information
Pairing Brooklyn Hayes and Sage Bond
Nickname(s) Sooke
Intimacy Level Enemies
Ex-boyfriend and girlfriend
Formerly in love
Started Before Who's That Girl?
Ended Pretty Face, Ugly Heart
Status Split Up
Brooke-Sage Relationship is a relationship.


Brooke and Sage have been in a relationship for 3 years, but when he found out she was cheating on him, he broke up with her.

Brooke and Sage were a couple for three years. On the night of their 3rd Anniversary Sage and Brooke broke up after finding out her cheating ways.

She liked kissing him in public, and having his attention, Sage seemed to love Brooke, and vice-versa, Brooke truley loves him, but didn't notice until they broke up.
Brooke and Sage at a picnic

Brooke and Sage having a Picnic. (Flashback from Brooke (Episode)