Brooke-Tom Relationship
General Information
Pairing Brooklyn Hayes & Tom Dawson
Nickname(s) Unknown
Intimacy Level Ex-Boyfriend & Ex-Girlfriend
Started Unknown, possibly years or months ago.
Ended The Fallout
Status Split up

The Fling

Tom had a little puppy love for Brooke, so in order to make Brooke jealous, he paid Megan Collins to pretend to be his girlfriend. This worked, Brooke couldn't stand Megan being happy. So they had a fling, and kissed in secret. They broke up once Tom realised how mean Brooke was.

The Party

Once Tom and Brooke broke up and Tom and Savannah started going out, Brooke tried to reel Tom into a plan to hurt Savannah. Brooke had once filmed a video of her and

Littlest Pet Shop Popular Episode 14 The Party of the Century (1)

Tom kissing while they were together. This was intended for Megan, but Brooke warned Tom that she was going to show Savannah instead, unless Tom 'helped her', so Tom agreed. On the day of the party, she took Tom upstairs, and to his surprise started to make out with him, this was so Savannah could see and Brooke stopped when she realized what Tom and Brooke were doing. Tom explained to Savannah, Alicia, Rachel and Sage that he was tricked, making Savannah feel awful.