Hugs & Disses
Season One, Episode 3
Air Date September, 5th 2013
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Hugs and Disses is the 3rd episode of LPS Popular and the 3rd episode overall. It aired on September 5th, 2013.


Brooklyn makes it clear that she does not want to be friends with Savannah -- meanwhile, Savannah pays more attention to her clothes and starts to take a liking to a certain off-limits boy...

Detailed Plot Summary


Savannah Tearing up the BFF poster.

  The episode begins with Savannah walking down the hallway, she tries to talk to Genevieve and Angelina, but they ignore her. Savvy apologizes for what happen earlier about being jealous. Genny and Lina forgive her, they tell her the truth that they were a little jealous. Savvy and her friends walk to the canteen. Savannah spots Brooke, kissing Sage. Alicia was chatting with Brooke about her lunch. Savannah runs to Brooke. But Lina tells Genny "In a minute she'll know.". Brooke then tells her they should talk in the vending machine. When they get there, Savvanah tells Brooke how much she misses her, as she was about to hug Brooke, she tells her to get off, making Savvanah confused. Brooke tells her that she is not her BFFL anymore and that was so seventh grade, she tells her that she is popular and the leader of the Barbie Dolls. She also tells her that she dosen't need losers like Savannah coming to ruined her perfect reputation.Brooke tells Savvanah that they don't know each other. And before Brooke leaves, she tells Savvanah that her name is not Brooklyn/ Brookie. She tells her its Brooke and leaves Savannah saying "But..."

After the opening sequence, Mrs. Reed greets her, but Savannah comes home, looking sad. Mrs.Reed asks her how was school, but Savannah only tells her that it was "great". Savannah runs to her bedroom. She destroys her pictures of her and Brooke. She destroys everything in her room in rage. Savannah tears her poster of her and Brooke. After destroying everything, she starts to cry. Mrs. Reed comes in and asks her whats wrong. Savvanah tells her that Brooke dosen't wanna be friends with her anymore. Mrs. Reed asks if she has any friends, Savannah said yes. Mrs Reed tells her "You don't need Brooklyn." 

In school, Savannah tries to look her best by picking dresses which is really nice. But Brooke, Rachel and Alicia come and tease Savannah and her friends.During school days, she could'nt concentrate beacause she cant keep her eyes of Brooke, due to her popularity. Savannah asks her Mom if she can go shopping, she agrees. One day, Savannah asks her friends about her hair, Angelina tells her she can always go to the salon. She also suggests her to pick a different color fo her hair and more tips about her hair. The episode ends with Savannah saying "You know, i'm starting to like this idea."