Josh-Lana Siblinghood
Josh and Lana
General Information
Pairing Lana Lawrence and Josh Lawrence
Nickname(s) N/A
Intimacy Level Siblings
Started The Claws Come Out
Ended N/A
Status Brother and sister
Lana Lawrence and Josh Lawrence are fraternal twins.


Lana and Josh seem to have a very strong, positive relationship with eachother. Despite this, their relationship has gone through trials and tribulations. Thier bond has been tested, strained and pushed to the limits throughout recent events, and the tension of keeping eachother's secrets disclosed has caused a rift through their relationship while it has also drawn them closer.

While Josh seems to be the more vocal and tenacious of the two, Lana appears to be more reticent, cold and taciturn. This may seem like an incompatible compilation, but appears to be quite the opposite, as Josh's loquaciousness prompts Lana to express her feelings instead of compressing them while Lana's monotone and more stern demeanour allows her to strongly convey the severity of the situation to Josh's colloquial and affable nature.

This makes for a very strong bond between the two, as they act as eachother's other half and support eachother through difficult times.