Do me a favor and don't mess this up.
—Lana to Josh[src]

Lana Lawrence is a secondary character in LPS: Popular and the sister of Josh Lawrence.


Lana is a beige-colored collie with brown stripes on her forehead, both sides of her head neck, paws and tail along with blue eyes.


Lana appears to be hot-tempered. Her opening line being "Just shut up." to her brother, Josh Lawrence. He teases her later for "showing emotion," meaning she could possibly be tough and somewhat emotionally reserved and reticent, though she obviously cares deeply for her brother. She has a secret that she keeps hidden, and refers to it as being her fault.


Season 2

Lana's first appearance was in episode 23, The Claws Come Out, where she is seen enrolling at Orange County Day with her brother, Josh. After they get their schedules, she storms out and Josh chases after her and calls out to his sister but she ignores him. He then apologizes for something, and admits that he was harsh. Lana tells him to do her a favor and not mess "this up", saying that it's their one chance to have a normal high school life. She tells him that her has to keep their secrets, which upsets Josh. After a brief exchange that ends with them making up, they "paw promise" not to tell anyone their secrets.

Alicia Hamilton calls Brooklyn Hayes and mentions that someone named Norman at school called Josh a "nasty name" and that Lana beat him up.

Lana gets suspended and soon gets a call from school saying her suspension is over. They ask to talk to a guardian and Lana says that they aren't there and wouldn't care anyway, then hangs up as Josh comes home. He says he got sent home early from work and asks Lana how they'll be able to pay rent. She tells him she'll ask for more hours and he says she's already working too much. Lana reassures Josh but he starts to lose hope in believing everything will get better.


Josh Lawrence - Josh and Lana Lawrence are twin siblings. They seem to care for each other very much.

Parents - Lana seems to be bitter towards her absent parents.


  • The name Lana means "little rock".
  • Lana and her brother, Josh, were not (main) characters until Season Two.
  • Lana seems to be very defensive, as she beat up the person bullying her brother.