You know, you really are the prettiest cat at this party.
—Larry complimenting Lina[src]
 Larry Wolf is a minor character in LPS: Popular. He is currently romantically involved with Angelina Davis.


Larry Wolf is an French bulldog with light brown fur, a darker face, muzzle and paws, a white chest along with blue eyes.


Not much is known about Larry's personality but he could be considered to be somewhat kind and flirtatious seeing as Angelina fell for him after he told her she was pretty.


Larry is first seen at Brooke's party complimenting Angelina. A few days later, he is seen sitting very close to her at lunch.


Angelina Davis - Larry's crush he meets at Brooke's party.

Lina and Larry-0

Larry with Lina.


  • It is unknown if he is on the football team along with the other boys or why he has never been seen or mentioned before meeting Angelina, seeing as he goes to OCD.
  • Larry seems to be flirtatious.
  • Larry was mentioned in Episode 27