Make Up, Make Out
Season 2, Episode 9
Bandicam 2014-09-03 14-02-18-931
Air Date September 2, 2014
Written By SophieGTV
Directed By SophieGTV
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Make Up, Make Out is the ninth episode in the second season of LPS: Popular, and the 26th episode overall. It aired on September 2, 2014


Savannah's relationship with Sage is on the verge of collapse -- and since she's still both suspended and grounded, there's nothing she can do but watch. Brooke, reigning in all her popular glory, proves that she can control the school social scene from the comfort of her own home (and her couch). Across the globe, a rebounding Tom confronts the reality that he might not be completely over his ex. As for Alicia, well... she never really knows what she wants.

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