You never kiss me unless we're in public!
—Malcolm to Brooke[src]
 Malcolm is a secondary character in LPS: Popular.


Malcolm is a grey husky dog with blue eyes. He is considered to be extremely handsome, and is a model.


Not much is known about Malcolm's personality, except that he is a nice guy who really cares about his girlfriend, Brooklyn Hayes. He has promised to help her get a modeling job, believing she is a shoo-in for the career because she is so beautiful. He seems to be quite unobservant, as he is rather oblivious to the fact that Brooke is only using him to become a model and not to be a single teenager. However, he loves her 103%. Malcolm seems like he can be easily used by anyone and he would do anything for a girl if she kissed him.
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Malcom and Brooke kissing


Season 2

Malcolm is introduced in the third episode of the Season Two during Brooke's big comeback to OCD. Brooke says he is a model and her new boyfriend, and has promised to help her secure a modelling job too. The pair seem to be very passionate about each other, as they are spotted making out in the halls on numerous occasions. Later, Malcolm is driving Brooke home while gushing about how beautiful she is. When he asks for a kiss goodnight, Brooke refuses, and he asks why she only ever kisses him in front of people. To silence him, Brooke begins to make out with Malcolm, which he seems to enjoy. The next day Brooke spots Sage and Savannah walking down the hall together, and tells Malcolm she loves him and begins to make out with him. After they leave, Malcolm gets Brooke a soy latte at her demand.

He is next seen in episode 25, sitting in the hospital with Brooke. A nurse comes in, telling him visiting hours are over and that she was asleep. He gets up, kissing her, and then leaves.

In episode 26, Make up, Make out, Malcolm was seen on Brooke's couch kissing each other.


Brooklyn Hayes - Malcolm is Brooklyn Hayes' boyfriend. He is helping Brooke get a modeling job, and he seems to really care for her. However, the love seems unreturned by Brooke.


  • Malcolm is a model.
  • Malcolm is aware that Brooke only kisses him in public.