Mr Hayes is mentioned in LPS: Popular, but never seen. It is only know that he had died prior to the events of LPS: Popular.



We only know that Mr. Hayes was a nice person compared to Ms. Hayes. Mrs. Reed mentioned that in Episode 24, Love in Danger. His kindness may have made Brooke nice before he died. It seems that after he died, Brooke became mean like her mom.


Season 1

Mr. Hayes in season 1 never gets mentioned, or seen.

Season 2

In episode 19, he gets mentioned by Brooke's Mom, Ms. Hayes. In Episode 24, Mrs. Reed mentions that he was always the nice one compared to his wife.

In episode 25, we find out that he died, possibly before the beginning of LPS Popular.


Ms. Hayes - Ms Hayes and Mr Hayes broke up, so they probably have no contact.
Brooklyn Hayes - Mr. Hayes might still loves Brooklyn as a daughter, but it isn't known yet.
Mr. Reed - Mr. Reed and Mr. hayes might have a brotherly relationship. But that might not be true.
Mrs. Reed - It seems that they are nice to each other, so he must be nice to her.
Savannah Reed - Mr. Hayes probably knows about Savvy. Since Brooke and Savvy were childhood friends.


  • He is one of the few characters yet to be shown (even in flashback), only mentioned.
  • Mr Hayes and Mitsy are the only characters within the LPS: Popular series who have passed away.
  • It's unknown why he and Mrs. Hayes divorced.
  • Unlike his wife, Mr. Hayes got along with the Reeds.
  • In Episode 25 it was revealed that he had passed on sometime before the series started.
    • The cause of Mr. Hayes death is unknown.
  • Mr. Hayes had a positive influence on his daughter.
    • It is possible that his death is the reason Brooke became so cruel.