You will give the insect back, Savannah!
—Mr. Reed telling Savannah to give Gigi back to Brooke[src]
Mr. Reed is a secondary character in LPS: Popular. he is the father of Savannah Reed and the husband of Mrs. Reed.


He is a dark and light brown Basset Hound with purple eyes.


Mr. Reed appears to be a kind, and loving father, with a sense of humor. However in episode 24 he seem to show his strict and assertive side when hearing about Savannah's suspension and telling her to return the cricket to Brooke.


Season 1

Mr. Reed

First view of Mr. Reed.

In the first episode "Who's that girl?" Mr. Reed had gotten a new job as a sales representative in California, which according to Mrs. Reed could lead to a bigger promotion, but it is unknown if Mr. Reed ever got it. Because of that, the Reed family moved to California. His last appearance was in episode 5, "Calories and Competition".

Season 2

Mr. Reed's next appearance is in episode 24, "Love in Danger", where he lectures Savannah about her fight with Brooke, and announces that she is suspended from school for an unknown time. He also grounds her.


Savannah Reed - Savannah Reed is Mr. Reeds daughter. Due to his lack of appearing in the series its unknown whats the relationship is like between the two.

Mrs. Reed - Mrs. Reed is Mr. Reed's wife.

Ms. Hayes - It's probably assumed that, like his wife, Mr. Reed probably didn't get along with Mrs. Hayes.

Mr. Hayes - Like his wife, Mr. Reed probably got along with Mr. Hayes

Appearances in Other Media

Mr. Reed appears (not as himself) in CSI LPS as Nick Affleck the murderer.


  • Mr. Reed seems to work a lot given he's hardly seen whenever Savannah is home. Mrs. Reed says that the phone rings a lot at the dinner table, presumably Mr. Reed's phone as he asks if it is his phone ringing (it was Sage's).
  • Mr. Reed calls Savannah "Honey" on multiple occasions and is his pet name for her
  • In the beginning of episode 3 Mr. Reed is seen as an extra in OCD school, likely a mistake by Sophie.
  • In episode 4 Mr. Reed is eating a Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop-Tart.
  • It's currently unknown if Mr. Reed and Savannah have made up from their argument from episode 24.
  • Mr. Reed only made 2 appearances in Season 1, and 1 so far in Season 2, for a combined total of 3.
  • Mr. Reed had 9 lines in Season 1, and has had 8 lines in Season 2 so far, for a combined total of 17.