Savannah of course we are serious, Why would we joke about something like this?
—Mrs. Reed talking to Savannah[src]

Mrs. Reed is the mother of Savannah Reed and the wife of Mr. Reed.


Mrs. Reed is a beagle (such as her daughter Savannah was before her makeover) with orange fur, a few white stripes, and purple eyes.


Not much is known about Mrs. Reed, but is shown as a careful mother, who is always watching out for her daughter, unlike Ms. Hayes, Brooklyn Hayes' mother. Mrs. Reed is polite, well-mannered, and kind.


Season 1

Mrs. Reed's first appearance on LPS Popular was in Episode 1: Who's That Girl when she told Savannah that they were moving to California. Through the series, she is very nice to Savannah, and she notices that Savannah hasn't been eating lately, so she tries to help. Sage even tells Savannah that she should thank her mother more often.

Season 2


Savannah Reed - Savvy Reed is the daughter of Mrs. Reed. They get along really well, and Savvy thinks that her mom does a lot for her. She tries to keep Savvy protected sometimes. They have small arguments, but still Mrs. Reed still loves Savannah.

Mr. Reed - Her husband, not much is known about their relationship, but she seems to side on him for most things

Mr. Hayes - It's known that she was friends with Mr. Hayes.

Ms. Hayes - She never got along with Mrs Hayes but they probably somewhat stood each other because of Mr. Hayes friendship with the Reeds


  • Mrs. Reed owns two pairs of glasses: green flower ones and purple round ones
  • She let Savvy dye her hair red, and not blonde.
  • She seemed to have warmed to Sage, even before Savannah began to date him.
  • Mrs. Reed never met Tom, despite Savannah being in a relationship with him for a while.
  • Savvy and her mother have a very good relationship: almost like being friends
    • This might because Savvy was home-schooled.