Hey Brooke, how about you and me meet on the third floor and make out?
—Nathan to Brooke[src]
Nathan Campbell is a secondary character in LPS: Popular. He is a member of the football team and was dating Genevieve Ryan for a short period of time.


Nathan is a tall honey-brown greyhound with golden markings and green eyes (LPS #507).


Nathan is not shown much, but from the little that is seen of him, he appears to be a 'cheater'. He cheats on Rachel Rivera and forgets she is his girlfriend once. He instantly dumps her for Genevieve Ryan at a party, even though all he saw of Genny was her appearance; a blond cocker spaniel, like Rachel.


Season 1

Nathan is Genny's boyfriend and ex-boyfriend of Rachel. He and Rachel had been dating, until Brooke's party, when he instantly became attracted to Genny when he saw her dancing with Lina, perhaps because he considered her prettier than Rachel. He began to dance with her, and soon, they began kissing each other, causing Rachel to get jealous, throw a glass at them, and run away crying, her heart seemingly broken. He's usually seen with Sage and the other boys, and Genny with her BFFs, and is only referred to once after this episode.

Season 2

Nathan is first seen in "What's Done Is Done", him with Genevieve at the cafe. He is then shown in Episode 27, where he breaks up with Genevieve very rudely, saying that she was a "waste of his time".


Genevieve Ryan - Genny is Nathan's ex-girlfriend. They broke up as of Episode 27.

Rachel Rivera - Nathan's ex-girlfriend. Nathan dumped her for Genevieve Ryan.

Sage Bond - Nathan's friend. He is on the football team with him.

Tom Dawson - Nathan's friend. He is on the football team with him.

Brooklyn Hayes - Nathan's "friend" that he gives his math answers to.


  • He is on the football team along with Sage and Tom.
  • Both of his known girlfriends are blonde.
    • Brook is not his girlfriend, but they have/had a deal: when Brook made out with him, he would give her his math homework.
    • Because of this deal, we can assume that Nathan is good at math.
  • Nathan is a greyhound.
  • Nathan put more of an effort into dating Genevieve Ryan than Rachel Rivera, as it is said that he texted her often.