This is the script for the episode New Girl In Town.


Savannah: You know, I'm starting to like this idea.

Mrs. Reed: Absolutely not!

Savvy: But Moomm!

Mrs. Reed: There is no way you are dying your hair blonde.

Savvy: Mom. This is so not fair. It's my body and I'm 16 years old.

Mrs. Reed: Savannah, no. There is no need to dye your fur. It's already absolutely gorgeous and you are lucky to be blessed with it!

Savvy: Thanks a lot mom. You really don't want me to fit in, do you? (Throws glasses) Ugh!

Mrs. Reed: Savannah, there is no need to be so dramatic! Let's talk about this, okay? How about a nice red?

Savvy: Red?

Mrs. Reed: Yes! Red would be beautiful and a lot less harsh than bleach blonde.

Savvy: Okay, I guess. Oh, by the way I am hanging out with my new friends tomorrow; ther're picking me up at one.

Mrs. Reed: Picking you up? Do they have cars of their own?

Savvy: Uh, I dunno. Probably. Their chauffeur is driving them.

Mrs. Reed: They have a chauffeur?

Savvy: Yeah, people here have lots of things Mom.  

Angelina's Voice Message: Hey you've reached Angelina. Leave a message!

Savvy: Oh. Yeah uh, hi Lina, it's Savvy. I'm just calling to tell you that my mom said yes so I guess you can pick me up tomorrow. Okay so, see ya!  

Savvy: (Looking in the mirror) Ugh. This makes me look huge. (Next outfit) Ugh, my stomach! (next outfit) Why are my theighs so huge? Brooklyn's way skinnier than me.

Mrs. Reed: What did you say honey?

Savvy: Oh, nothing.

Mrs. Reed: Okay well dinner is ready. It's pasta and vegetarian sauce.

Savvy: Um, no thanks. I'm not really hungry right now.

Mrs. Reed: Okay love. It's ready when you are!

Savvy: Thanks mom. *sighs* 

(The next morning) 

Savvy: Bye mom! Bye Dad!

Mrs. Reed: Savannah! Wait! Aren't you going to have breakfast before you go?

Savvy: Uh no, I'm not hungry. Bye!

Mrs. Reed: Savannah! It's your favorite! Poptarts!

Savannah: No thanks!

Mrs. Reed: Savannah come over here please.

Savvy: Ugh! What mom!

Mrs. Reed: What is with your tone? You're turning into a cheeky teenager!

Savvy: Sorry.

Mrs. Reed: Please eat some breakfast, honey you had no dinner yesterday.

Savvy: Mom I told you I'm not hungry.

Mrs. Reed: Savannah, it's impossible to not be hungry after over twelve hours without eating. is something wrong?

Savvy: Mom, no. It's nothing okay? I'm just... nervous.

Mrs. Reed: Nervous? Honey, please at least a glass of juice. Or do you want a small granola bar?

Savvy: Uh, I'll grab some juice on my way out. Bye Mom. Bye Dad.

Mr. Reed: Bye Honey.  

Lina (Outside): Heya Savvy!

Genny: Hey Savvy!

Savvy: Wow. This is your car?

Lina: Yup! Well it's my dad's actually.

Savvy: It's amazing. 

Lina: Why thank you! It even has a fridge!

Savvy: This is insanely cool.

Lina: Thanks!

Scorpious: (clears throat) Miss Angelina? Are we leaving? 

Lina: Oh! Right. Savvy, this is my driver and escort, Scorpious.

Scorpious: Please to meet you, Miss Savannah.

Savvy: Oh! Thanks! You too!

Lina: Scorpious will escort you into the back with Genny, okay?

Scorpious: Follow me, Miss Savannah. (In the back) Up the ladder, Miss Savannah.

Savvy: Thanks!

Scorpious: Are we all ready, girls?

Girls: Yes!

Lina: Yes Scorpious! (Mall)

Genevive: So Savvy, what did you mom say about the hair thing?

Lina: Oh yeah! What did she say?

Savvy: Well, she said no to the blonde, but she said i could do a soft red.

Genny: Uh, red?

Savvy: Yeah.

Lina: Well, you know, we could make that work. I think that would look good on you. I mean, you wouldn't want to make it look you are copying Brooke.

Genny: Yeah. She doesn't take too kindly to wannabes.

Lina: You could also use some lighter red highlights.

Genny: Yeah! Yeah! Or some stripes in the front!

Savvy: Hmm, well, if you guys say so.

Lina: Savvy, you are going to look amazing. Now come girls, we have some shopping to do.

Genny: WHOOO!

Savvy: (giggles) Hey guys! Wait for me! (The girls shop their hearts out, looking for the best outfits for Savvy; later, Savvy is at the salon, dying her hair)

(Lina and Genny gasps)

Savvy: What?! What's wrong?! Is it ugly?! Oh it's ugly I bet it's ugly!

Genny: Oh.

Lina: My.

Genny: Dog.

'''Savvy:''' Honestly, I'm scared to look!

'''Lina:''' Savvy, you are a babe. I cannot wait to see the look on Brooke's face on Monday.

Genny: Watch out Brooke, there's a new girl in town.  

(Monday Morning)'(Savvy is shown getting ready) 

Savvy: Bye Mom! Love you Mom!

Mrs. Reed: Hey! Savannah Reed! You didn't eat!