Orange County Day is the main setting for LPS: Popular.

General Description

Orange County Day is described as a large and elite - if not uptight - private school. It houses a state-of-the-art facility equipped with every class and resource imaginable, all accessible to the privileged teens that go there. With dedicated teachers that try to ensure their students excel, Orange County Day is an academically based school that is regarded as one of the best in California. It is nicknamed OCD because thats shortened. In the first episode a flashback of when Savvy and Brooke were young shows Savvy saying its shortened to OCD (obsesisve compolsive disorder), as it was so uptight!

Location & Appearance

Orange County Day is located in Orange County, California. It is portrayed by the "Biggest Littlest Pet Shop" play-set, and has two buildings: the actual school building, where the classrooms, gym, cafeteria, washrooms, and lockers are located; and the office building, which houses the office.


  • Despite being a private school, OCD students do not wear uniforms.
  • She also may have got inspiration for OCD from "Octavian County Day" from the Clique Series, however Sophie imformed us on her formspring, that just because the name of the school was similar she didn't get "Popular" from the Clique Series
  • When Brooke and Savannah say goodbye to each other, Brooke seems scared about going to OCD, and they both pick up on the fact that OCD stands for Obesessive Compulsive Disorder, a mental problem that results in a person obsessing or dreading over something daily.
  • Orange County Day had three floors.
  • It is unknown what the mascot of the school is.