Phillipe is Brigitte LeBlanc's boyfriend who lives in France.


Phillipe has Brown and white fur and blue eyes.


Season 2

He first appears in The Claws Come Out. He is kissing an Unknown Cat. They pull away from their kiss and say goodbye before the cat leaves.


Brigitte LeBlanc

Brigitte and Phillipe used to date before Brigitte moved to California, they broke up but during the events of The Claws Come Out and Love You, Love You Not they got back in to a relationship with eachother.

Unknown Cat

Phillipe was in a relationship with this cat up until the events of Love You, Love You Not where it was revealed that he and Brigitte are dating once again.

Tom Dawson

Tom and Phillipe talk to each other briefly before Phillipe leaves. It's unknown how close they are or how much they know of eachother.


  • Philippe is the first LPS to be used in LPS Popular with Sophie's new technique with the sticks.