No one tries to kill my BFF and lives to tell the tale.
—Rachel Rivera to Brooke[src]
Rachel Rivera is one of the main antagonists character in LPS: Popular.


Rachel is described as kind, sweet and a little bit nice when it comes to her and Brooke. She, just like Brooke and Alicia, is focused on her body image.

It is shown that Rachel can be a little sensitive sometimes. When she found Nathan cheating on her with Genny, she threw two drinks at them and runs away crying.

She seemed to be the only one who cared about Brooke other than Alicia, asking her whether she threw up her food, she seemed to soften as the episodes went on, leading her to rethink her times with Brooke. 


Rachel is a blonde cocker spaniel with blue eyes (LPS #91). She keeps this look for the rest of the series.


Season 1

Rachel appears in the first episode, being one of the Barbie Dolls of the series. She, Brooke, and Alicia, make fun of Savvy. Rachel always goes along with Brooke's schemes along the series. However, in The Party of the Century, she starts to resent going along with the plan, and later on, quits the Barbie Dolls, and busts Brooke's scheme. She breaks up with Nathan during Brooke's party after he was cheating on her with Genny.

Season 2

Rachel becomes the most popular girl in OCD because of Brooke's absences. The same day at lunch, Brooke returns, and Rachel growls at her. Rachel later rejoins the group in Episode 24, stating she was "wrong about that wiener dog", with the "wiener dog" being Savannah Reed. She seems keen on the idea of ruining Savannah's social life, though it is suspected that she could be pretending just to fool Brooke. It also appears that she recovered from Nathan's disloyalty to her rather quickly, perhaps indicating that the relationship between the two of them wasn't overly serious.


Alicia Hamilton - Alicia is Rachel's best friend, the one person she cares for most.

Brooklyn Hayes - Rachel's best friend, proven on episode 24 that they got back together.

Nathan Campbell - Nathan is Rachel's ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with Genevieve Ryan.

Savannah Reed - Although she is Brooke Hayes' enemy, she did not want to hurt her at the party and told her Brooke's plan.

Appearances in Other Media

Rachel played Katrina in LPS: CSI.


  • The name Rachel is derived from the Hebrew name רָחֵל meaning "ewe", a female sheep. To be a "sheep" is slang for someone, typically a girl or woman, who follows another person they believe is their superior and copies them in their actions and personality.
  • She seems to always want Brook's approval and respect.
  • Rachel doesn't seem to like hurting others.
  • In SophieGTV's old series, LPS: CSI, it is said that her name is "Miranda Pawsgrove".