Savannah-Sage Relationship
General Information
Pairing Savannah Reed and Sage Bond
Nickname(s) Sagannah
Intimacy Level Ex-Boyfriend and Ex-Girlfriend
Started Pretty Face, Ugly Heart
Ended Love You, Love You Not
Status Split Up
The Savannah-Sage Relationship, sometimes referred to as Sageannah or Save, is the romantic relationship between Savannah Reed and Sage Bond.


Sage was Savannahs first crush when she moved to California. In Calories and Competition when Savannah has ink sprayed on her. Sage offers to take her to wash up. He lets her borrow his phone to let her call her mother to pick her up.

Brooke's Rivarly

Brooklyn Hayes has always been secretly, or not so secretly, in deep hatered with Sage and Savannah's relationship. So heated about how her boyfriend was "stolen" from her, she goes as far as forcing Savannah to break up with Sage or else she would press charges. Savannah went through with this and breaks up with Sage.