General Information
Pairing Tom Dawson and Savannah Reed
Nickname(s) Tomannah
Intimacy Level None
Started The Rise and Fall of Brooke Hayes
Ended It All Comes Crashing Down / The Fallout
Status Split Up
The romantic relationship between Savannah Reed and Tom Dawson, also known as Tomannah, began in season 1.


Tom met Savvy, when they ran into each other, they hit it off, and begin talking more often. They ended up dating, and Tom gave her a necklace, and they kissed on the lunch table, making Brooke jealous, and resulting in Brooke and Sage landing in chocolate pudding. Brooke made a deal with Tom, resulting in Savannah and his relasionship ending. Savannah caught them kissing, heartbroken she found Sage, and told him, they made out in Brooke's wardrobe for Brooke to find them. It is revealed Tom had "puppy love" for Brooke, but explained he liked Savvy, but understanding she had fallen for someone else.