Miss. Angelina, are we leaving?
—Scorpius to Angelina[src]

Scorpius is the Davis family's chauffeur and a minor character in LPS: Popular.


Scorpius is a German Shepherd with white fur and a brown muzzle with stripe going down his head along with brown paws. He has blue eyes and also wears a blue hat.


Scorpius is polite and sophisticated, not only respecting Angelina but her friends as well, addressing them all as "Miss".


Season 1

Scorpius is only seen in episode 4, working as a chauffeur for Angelina and her family. He drives Lina and her friends to the mall and carries their purchased items.

He is mentioned again in episode 13 by Savannah Reed, asking Lina if he would tell on the girls if they skipped school to go to the mall again. Lina says he's payed and won't talk.