Season 1
Season 1, 17 episodes
Season 1
Aired July 15, 2010 - April 27, 2012
Pilot Who's That Girl?
Finale Pretty Face, Ugly Heart
Director SophieGTV
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At Orange County Day, the prestigious high school of Orange County, drama is typical and couture is necessary. Brooke Hayes and the rest of the Barbie Dolls rule the scene, and nobody messes with them... until now.

-- Seasonal Quote


Best friends Savannah Reed and Brooklyn Hayes have been together since they were babies... until Brooke had to move away to California at the start of eighth grade. Soon after moving, she severed all ties with her former BFF - and now, three years later, Savvy's moving to California too. There will be a tearful reunion for these long-lost BFFs... but not the kind you're expecting.


Season 1 was extremely well-received by the LPStube community, skyrocketing Popular to the fame of being the second most-viewed LPS series on YouTube. Now most of the episodes have over or close to a million views and counting.


Picture Title Airdate Episode # Views
WhosThatGirl Who's That Girl? July 15, 2010 1 1.6 Million+
Savannah Reed and Brooklyn Hayes had been best friends since they were babies. But, when Brooklyn moved to California for eighth grade, Savannah and Brooklyn lost touch. What will happen when Savannah moves to California as well? Will it be a tearful reunion for these long lost BFFs? Here's a hint: not even close.
BestFrenemiesForever Best Frenemies Forever July 18, 2010 2 1.2 Million+
Savannah talks to Brooklyn, her best friend turned popular girl. Will things go right back to how they were... or will they get ugly?
Hugs&Disses Hugs & Disses September 5, 2010 3 1.1 Million+
Brooklyn makes it clear that she does not want to be friends with Savannah -- meanwhile, Savannah pays more attention to her clothes and starts to take a liking to a certain off-limits boy...
NewGirlInTown New Girl In Town September 10, 2010 4 3.4 Million+
Angelina and Genevieve take Savannah shopping, and she gets a totally new look... what will happen once she shows up at school? Meanwhile, she battles with some insecurities... but in her efforts to feel better about herself, will she end up hurting her health?
CaloriesAndCompetition Calories and Competition September 18, 2010 5 2.8 Million+
When Savannah finally shows up at school with her new look, how will everyone react... especially Brooke? Meanwhile, Savannah starts feeling even more attracted to a certain boy... just how far will she go to get him to notice her?
MomentsOfReflection Moments of Reflection December 19, 2010 6 2.3 Million+
How will Brooke react when Savvy and Sage are partnered together for an English project? Will love blossom between the two, or will a certain blonde get in the way? Meanwhile, will Savvy learn to cope with her body image issues... or will they worsen?
AllsFairInLoveAndWar All's Fair in Love and War February 25, 2011 7 1.6 Million+
What is it that Sage wanted to tell Savannah? What did Savannah want to tell Sage? More importantly... what is Brooke up to, and to what lengths will she go to mark her territory? After all, all's fair in love and war... especially when your heart is made of ice.
AngelOrDevil Angel or Devil? July 4, 2011 8 2 Million+
Rumors are flying through the school about the showdown that happened before first period, and Savannah's name is on everyone's lips. Internal battles are raging for Savannah, and the line between right and wrong is blurring rapidly. Meanwhile, we are introduced to Brooke's home life, an indication that maybe this ice-cold Barbie Doll might have a heart.
ShowHimWhatHesMissing Show Him What He's Missing July 16, 2011 9 1.5 Million+
Savannah's recent change in attitude isn't hard to note. The shy, meek girl from Montana has become an overnight sophisticate... and it shows. Tom Dawson and Sage Bond are mesmerized. Brooke, on the other hand, isn't so pleased... and will stop at nothing to tame her boyfriend's wandering eye.
ThingsAreGoingToGetUgly Things Are Going to Get Ugly July 29, 2011 10 1.6 Million+
The moment Savannah took a seat at the football players' table, things changed... and Brooke knows it. Brooke might be the queen Barbie Doll right now, but who knows what could happen in a few weeks? Savannah's gaining popularity quickly thanks to her new attitude and her new crush, Tom... but the question is, is he even hers?
RevengeIsntAlwaysSweet Revenge Isn't Always Sweet August 16, 2011 11 1.4 Million+
Brooke devises a plan during an emergency Barbie Doll meeting with the purpose of reinventing themselves and reinforcing their position at the top of the social ladder. However, when the plan is put into motion, things don't exactly go as expected. Meanwhile, Savannah makes a pivotal choice to save her dignity, but at what cost does this choice come?
RiseAndFallOfBrookeHayes The Rise and Fall of Brooke Hayes August 28, 2011 12 1.5 Million+
Savvy and Genny seem to be bonding more than ever over their newfound popularity, leaving Lina alone on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Brooke's heard about Sage's chat with Savannah and is going almost mad with jealousy and anger. Her life as she knows it is unraveling around the edges... and so is her sanity. Will this be the breaking point for Brooklyn Hayes?
OperationFryTheSausage Operation Fry the Sausage September 26, 2011 13 1.3 Million+
It's a wonder that Brooklyn Hayes didn't die of embarrassment after her little lunchtime "incident". But no, she hauls the Barbie Dolls out of school to a coffee shop so they can discuss their newest plot against Savannah: Operation Fry the Sausage. Poor Savannah better watch her tail... this time, Brooke means serious business.
PartyOfTheCentury The Party of the Century January 24, 2012 14 3.1 Million+
Brooke Hayes' mom is out for the weekend. Naturally, this means that Brooke's throwing the party of the century and anyone who's someone is going to be there. But what are Savannah and her friends up to? They've been planning something for the party... and chances are it's going to mean a huge change. Will Brooke's plan backfire in her purrfectly made-up face? We'll see when the night unfolds...
ItAllComesCrashingDown It All Comes Crashing Down March 8, 2012 15 1.9 Million+
It's not even midnight yet and the drama at Brooke Hayes' party is already in full swing: Savannah's caught her boyfriend cheating, Brooke's already cheated on hers and -- yikes -- someone's about to get dumped in a really humiliating way... by her own cheating boyfriend. Brooke better watch out, because the Karma bus is starting its engine and she's due to get hit pretty hard.
TheFallout The Fallout April 17, 2012 16 1.7 Million+
Paws, claws, and insults will be flying. Dogs and cats alike will be crying. Nothing good will come to those caught lying. It's about to go down in the season 1 finale of LPS: Popular. The truth will be revealed as ugly secrets from the past are resurrected. Tales of clandestine meetings, secret relationships and incriminating videos will come to light, and carefully wrought plans will burst apart at the seams. Run all you want... but there's no hiding from the truth.
PrettyFaceUglyHeart Pretty Face, Ugly Heart April 27, 2012 17 1.3 Million+
It's official: the truth is out, and there's no way Brooke will be able to flirt her way out of this one. Batting her eyelashes and prancing around in skimpy costumes might have worked for a while, but now her chances with Sage are looking pretty bleak. Will their 3 year relationship be salvageable, or has Sage moved on to... someone new? When new secrets emerge about Brooke, the answer is pretty clear. Nothing stings more than having an ex-BFF betray you... unless you betrayed her in the first place, right Brooke? Meanwhile, Savannah is stuck in the middle, and I don't mean in the middle of a cat fight. Whatever happens, we're going to end up with more than one broken heart tonight...