Season 2
Season 2, 11 episodes
Aired December 24, 2012 - present
Pilot Savannah
Finale N/A
Director SophieGTV
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Season 1
Season 2 is the second installation in the LPS: Popular series. It premiered on December 24, 2012.

In Popular world, season 2 takes place two weeks after the finale of season 1.


In the two weeks since Brooke's fateful party, a lot has changed. Savannah and Sage are now happily dating; Angelina and Genevieve are dating their respective boyfriends, Nathan Campbell and an Unknown Boy; and Rachel is now the most popular girl in school. Everything seems to be going perfectly... that is, until now.

Enter Brigitte LeBlanc, knockout beauty and Sage's best friend from France. She's living with Sage, and seems just a little too close for comfort... or is that just jealousy talking? Savvy's no stranger to Sage's tendency to let his gaze wander - he did it while with Brooke, who says he shouldn't do it now? - and is fighting even harder to keep him. Could this be the demise of Savvy and her relationship with Sage? After all, with Brooke planning her big comeback and brainstorming a new plan to take down Savannah, I think we should all look over our shoulders...

Oh, and Tom? No one's heard from him since the party. But don't doubt for a second that he's not out there, preparing to settle scores of his own.


Season 2 pulled in more drama to the Popular series than ever, extending the cast and always leaving us with the same burning question: who is truly the bad guy here, and why? With even more cliffhanger endings and suspense than season 1, you'd be lying if you called the much-anticipated continuation of this famous LPS saga anything but a success.


Picture Title Airdate Episode # Views
Savannah Episode Savannah December 24, 2012 1 1.7 Million+
A lot can change in just a few weeks. Things seem to be going wonderfully for Savannah... but who says that can't be taken away in the blink of a perfectly made-up eye? There's a new beauty in town -- Brigitte. She's fresh, French and fabulous... and she's also a little too close for comfort.
Brooke Episode Brooke December 29, 2012 2 1.7 Million+
Three weeks is a long time when you're spending it in isolation. Brooklyn Hayes is completely alone. She's lost her boyfriend, her best friend, and her social status. Pretty soon, she's going to lose the one last friend she has... and she has no one to blame but her own selfishness.
LoveNotes Love Notes December 31, 2012 3 2.1 Million+
Savannah feels threatened by the new, hot exchange student from France, Brigitte LeBlanc. Who is Brigitte, really... and what are her true intentions? Is Savannah right to feel protective of Sage, or is she merely being paranoid? You really can't blame the poor girl after what was left on her locker. Meanwhile, Brooke plots a comeback... but little does she know, a little piece of her heart has left and is never coming back.
WhatsDoneIsDone What's Done is Done May 16, 2013 4 2.1 Million+
Queen B is back, and she has a surprise... but she's in for a surprise herself when she realizes what she's done. Meanwhile, Savannah gets even more paranoid about her new relationship... but maybe it's for good reason? So paranoid, in fact, that she doesn't even realize someone close to her is gone. Something's not quite right here, and you're bound to find out. Just not yet.
BrigitteSage Keep an Eye on Your Boy June 1, 2013 5 1.8 Million+
Friend or foe, Brigitte is way too close to Sage for Savannah's liking, and the situation is worsening by the day. Is Brigitte an innocent puppy or just a master manipulator? With those big, beautiful eyes, it's hard to tell. Meanwhile, Brooke's heart of ice is colder than ever, and she's determined to flirt and weasel her way into getting exactly what she wants... no matter what it takes.
ClawsThumbnail The Claws Come Out August 23, 2013 6 2.9 Million+
Picture this: your worst enemy's sweet, beloved little pet runs away and ends up at your house. You can't resist adopting it, because, well, who could?! You quickly fall in love with the companion you think is yours to keep. But what happens when your worst enemy sees you parading around the school, boastfully showing off the cute little thing as your own? Well, it goes a little something like this... and it's not going to be pretty. Finders, keepers; losers, weepers -- isn't that how it goes? Maybe not...
LoveInDanger Love in Danger September 14, 2013 7 2.2 Million+
It only takes one wrong move to lose everything, and Savannah Reed may have done just that. Intentions aside, the evidence is certainly not in her favour. Will she be able to salvage her reputation? Unknown... but if not, not even her knight in a shining convertible will be able to save her from the clutches of a conniving cat. Ding, dong. The witch is alive... and she has a target painted on Savannah's forehead.

A word for the wise: not even your boyfriend can save you from what lurks in the shadows.

RockBottomThumb Rock Bottom July 2nd, 2014 8 1.5 Million+
Savannah the dachshund has it all -- great friends, a cute collie boyfriend and an adorable little pet bug. Even so, trouble lies beneath the lacquered exterior. Some things weren't hers to begin with... and finders aren't always keepers. With threats looming, Savannah may have no choice but to give up a precious thing... or two. Some lost articles have a knack for finding the way back home, and some secrets are apt to fight their way out of the dark.
Makeupmakeout Make Up, Make Out September 2nd, 2014 9 3 Million+
Savannah's relationship with Sage is on the verge of collapse -- and since she's still both suspended and grounded, there's nothing she can do but watch. Brooke, reigning in all her popular glory, proves that she can control the school social scene from the comfort of her own home (and her couch). Across the globe, a rebounding Tom confronts the reality that he might not be completely over his ex. As for Alicia, well... she never really knows what she wants.
LiarAndTheTramp Liar and the Tramp January 2nd, 2015 10 2.3 Million+
When your worst enemy shows up at your front door, it can mean one of two things: either she’s there to cause trouble, or she’s there to destroy you. As Savannah will soon find out, neither situation ends well. Never underestimate the power of the past to come back and completely ruin your life. Meanwhile, trouble brews between enemies, friends, and lovers alike. Corrupt intentions are revealed, lies are concocted, and hearts are broken. Ugly secrets are kept under wraps -- for now, at least. The truth always has a way of coming out in the nastiest way, doesn’t it? Especially over the phone...
Lovemelovemenot Love You, Love You Not November 27th, 2015 11 1.8 Million+
Savannah has 24 hours to make a choice that will turn her life upside down: break up with her boyfriend, or face charges for the assault she accidentally committed. The catch? Either way, Brooke wins and Savannah loses -- terribly.
Operation barbcue the sausage thumbnail Operation Barbecue the Sausage January 18th, 2019 12 157k
After accidentally injuring Brooke in a squabble gone wrong, Savannah lost her reputation. And after being blackmailed into breaking up with Sage, Savannah lost her boyfriend. Things might look bleak, but at least she still has her friends... right?

Meanwhile in France, things get more serious between Tom and his new love interest, Violette. There’s only one problem: are the two of them really on the same page?

And finally, Brooke ups the ante in her quest for revenge. Forcing Savannah to break up with Sage was fun, but it wasn’t enough. She has a new plan: Operation Barbecue the Sausage. And this time, she’s going to finish what she started.