The Barbie Dolls are the group of girls that Brooke hangs out with.


Brooklyn Hayes is the
leader of the Barbie dolls, OCD's elite girl group. Her pretty face has all the boys vying for a chance to be with her (many of whom have because of her philandering ways), but her ugly heart has the entire school terrified of getting on her bad side. Brooklyn is very much Popular's "anti-heroine", and illustrates the story of someone who has it all - friends, popularity, perfect boyfriend, good looks, nice clothes - losing everything because they didn't act right and show gratitude for what they had. Now that the karma bus has hit Brooklyn, she's having trouble getting back up. But we all know she will, and when she's totally on her feet, she'll be better than ever...


Rachel Rivera

Rachel Rivera is the unoffical co-leader of the Barbie Doll clique. She is the second member and comes off as a very sassy, confident girl. Rachel shares traits with both Brooklyn and Alicia. She acts dumb like Alicia but it's obvious that she has some knowledge.Brooklyn and Rachel are both strong in their own way.  

Alicia Hamilton is the 3rd member of the Barbie Doll clique. Alicia is not the smartest of characters. As seen in episode 24 she asks if Brooke has a couch cousion, which she mistakes as she
was told it was concussion by Rachel. She can act sassy but does not seem as confident as Brooklyn or Rachel. From what we know Alicia doesn't seem as mean as the other girls in the group. She can stay away from what is serious.