The Rise and Fall of Brooke Hayes
Season 1, Episode 12
Air Date August 28, 2011
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The Rise and Fall of Brooke Hayes is the twelfth episode in the first season of LPS: Popular, and the twelfth episode overall. It aired on August 28, 2011.


Savvy and Genny seem to be bonding more than ever over their newfound popularity, leaving Lina alone on the sidelines. While Savvy and Genny -- or should I say Savannah and Genevieve, since they've obliterated their cutesy nicknames -- obsess over their reflections and gossip nonstop about boys, Lina is more interested in acing the next English test. She's been unintentionally excluded over the past little while and has been feeling less and less like hanging out with her friends. The fact that no boys are showing any interest in her is directly affecting her self-esteem... which is the exact opposite of Savannah. Savannah is feeling better than ever basking in Tom's attention and their relationship may go a step further. Meanwhile, Brooke's heard about Sage's chat with Savannah and is going almost mad with jealousy and anger. Brooke knows something is wrong between her and Sage, and she's fighting harder than ever (and being clingier than ever) to keep her boyfriend interested. The prospect of losing her boyfriend of almost two years, coupled with the fact that she's severely stressed over the possibility of losing her crown, is sending Brooke into an uncontrollable downward spiral. Her life as she knows it is unravelling around the edges... and so is her sanity. Will this be the breaking point for Brooklyn Hayes?

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