She is portrayed as a cat with caramel colored hair, which is partially white in the center of her face, and also has green eyes. 


Unknown Girl 2 seems to be a big fan of Brooklyn Hayes. She is not the nicest girl; she wants to be all popular and so does Unknown Girl.


Season 1

Season 2

Unknown Girl 2's first appearance is when she and Unknown Girl are talking to Brigitte about fashion, how she looks so pretty, and stuff like that. When Brooke comes around she is excited and joins the barbie dolls and bullies Savvy.


Alicia Hamilton - Alicia is one of Unknown Girl 2's best friends.

Brigitte LeBlanc - Unknown Girl, and Unknown Girl 2 were talking to Brigitte.

Unknown Girl - Unknown Girl is one of Unknown Girl 2's best friends.

Brooklyn Hayes - Unknown Girl 2 is a big fan of Brooke and is a member of the barbie dolls.


  • Unknown Girl 2 can be seen in Episode 14, Party Of The Century, during the scene where Brooklyn Hayes is talking to the boys. She is wearing a large pink bow.